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Top 5 Benefits of Using a Digital Scale

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If you were used to measure your cooking and baking ingredients just by guesswork and have now started using a kitchen scale for the purpose, you might have realized how useful the appliance is. It totally eliminates the stress of how the dish would become, whether it will be correctly prepared and whether it would taste good, because you have measured all the ingredients accurately, so, the dish is bound to become good. In short, it’s all about accuracy of the ingredients, and you need a kitchen scale which is the most accurate. And what else can be more accurate than a digital kitchen scale? Here are some reasons why you should prefer a digital scale to a mechanical scale in your kitchen.

1.      Design and Appearance

 If you have a modern kitchen (and even if you don’t have one, you are surely planning to have it in the near future), digital scale, being sleek and stylish, goes with your kitchen well – better than the mechanical scale which has a more traditional look.

 2.      Compactness

 By far, digital scales are more compact sized than their mechanical counterparts. Obviously they can be stored and moved easily. Especially if you have a limited space, the small size and light weight of a digital scale are more to your benefit.

 3.     Display

 Displays of digital scales are LCD digital ones, though they may vary in designs. Usually the digital displays are large and easy to read. However, this may not be the case with all models and you should remember to check whether the display size and also color is easy to read for you.

 4.     Tare Feature

 One of the most important benefits of digital kitchen scale over a mechanical scale is its tare function, with which you can reset the weight upon adding other ingredients. This means that you can measure ingredients one after the other without requiring to remove the previous ingredients. This makes the scale much more efficient and accurate. Thus if you first place a bowl on the scale, the weight of the bowl will be zeroed out and when you add the ingredient to it, you get more accurate weight of the ingredient.

 5.    Auto-Off Function

 It’s easy to forget to switch off the digital scale while working in the kitchen. Don’t worry; most digital scales have auto-off function with which they are automatically turned off within a few minutes of non-use, thus saving your batteries.

 Omni Digital Scale

The beautiful, lightweight 11 lb digital kitchen scale by Omni Select Products has got all the above features and many more. It weighs up to 11 lb (5 kg) in accurate graduation of 1 gm (0.05 oz). It’s easy to clean and store too. Whether you want the weight in grams, ounces, pounds or kilograms, this machine gives it to you on its large easily readable display. Upon 2 minutes of non-use, Omni scale turns off automatically. One more unique feature of Omni scale is its easy-to-access battery compartment which you can open without a screwdriver. The tare function offers you the most accurate weight.

 So, if you are in search of a kitchen scale look no further than a digital scale like Omni and enjoy the peace of mind that your dishes are going to be the best.


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