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Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Replacement Wristband

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  • $ 4.39

Product Description

100% Original Colorful Silicone Xiaomi Wrist Band Bracelet Wrist Strap For Xiaomi Mi Band Mi band 1 & 1S Smart Band

  1. Replacement wrist strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 1 & 1s.
  2. Bracelet only, no tracker included.
  3. Stylish wristband to match your daily style with multiple color choices!
  4. Material: TPU + TPE.

Packaging Details: transparent bag

Our price: $4.39 + free shipping
Manufacturer suggested price: $ 10.99
You Save: 41.85 %

Original Xiaomi replacement wristband is wristband that record or monitor your heart rate because of the presence of sensor under it which gives you an advantage to see your results more effectively , call reminder facility also there ,and record your steps ,calories and distance on daily basis and with all these facility of Bluetooth present in it and wristband made up of all with metal surface .Therefore, if you are looking or planning to purchase these type of featured products than from all the available option to go with Omni Select product is best for you because of the facility of product specification, free shipping there. They also have Xiaomi Replacement Band which is a type of bracelet like wrist strap that you can wear on your wrist; it is the only bracelet no tracker included in it which is come with multiple colors options or choices for you so it can suit with your daily style.

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