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Gorilla Octopus type S/M/L Heavy Duty Flexible Tripod Camera stand

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  • $ 7.99

Description of the Product

The Best S/M/L-SIZE Gorilla Tripods for Your digital Cameras or other digital equipment

The Tripod allows you to be entirely independent, never having to ask someone to help you with your camera

– The Tripod perfectly fits most cameras
– It is made from high-quality materials
– It is designed to be very convenient, adjustable, charming, functional and lightweight 
– Matches multiple sizes that allow you to choose the size that best suits your camera or digital device

The attractive, portable, functional and flexible Gorilla Camera Stand makes taking pictures easy and enjoyable. It is designed to take your favorite photos correctly without awkward hand movement and with a simple self-timing setup. The flexible Tripod for cameras allows you to mount your digital camera at any suitable location to help you take photos of your favorite scenes. With the use of the universal thumb screw, you can attach the flexible tripod to your digital camera securely, then fold the three flexible legs to a nearby standing structure such as a post or a tree branch to take the perfect shot. So, it is a great time to capture hands-free photos of yourself or you and your friends at your favorite scenes! 

The long-lasting and innovative, Octopus Tripod is lightweight and strong capable of supporting digital cameras weighing up to a maximum of 6.6 pounds with the large size (L) heavy-duty Tripod. All that for a small device that measures only 9.8 inches long and can fit into any purse or large pocket. 

Buy Flexible Gorilla Camera Stand for your camera and take most creative pictures of the time. This Flexible Tripod for Cameras is designed according to self-timer photography therefore just mounts your camera on the tripod and you as well as your camera is ready to take endless automatic shots.

Maximum Supported Load: S = 325g (11.5 oz); M=1.2 Kg (2.64 lbs); L= 3 Kg (6.6 lbs)

Stylish transportable and adjustable Tripod Stand makes taking virtual photos extra amusing than ever. Designed with self-timer photography in mind, the flexible Tripod helps you to mount your digital camera just about everywhere you want so you can encompass everybody on your automated shots. All you need to do is use the general 1/4-20 screw to attach your digicam to the usual tripod mount, then wrap the 3 bendy segmented legs securely to a close-by tree branch, fence, park bench, or something else that’s handy. Say good-bye to protecting your digicam at arm’s length to take a photo of yourself and your friends–now you may be free to pose, but you like! Durable and progressive, Octopus Tripod is mild weight and may guide cameras–such as SLR–weighing as much as (6.6 kilos the use of the big length Tripod. Measuring simply 9.8 inches in length, it suits effortlessly right into a handbag, backpack, or maybe a roomy jacket pocket. 1. STAND robust. Get crisper pictures with this long lasting, light-weight tripod. The rubberized foot grips and wrap able legs will cozy expert cameras up to 6.6lbs. As they keep their stance to any feasible surface. 2. Seize superior perspectives. Take a look at lifestyles from a one-of-a-kind point of view with the Gorilla Pod SLR Zoom Tripod. Clean maneuverability and unique positioning with 360 panning, to amplify the range of pictures you can seize. 3. Installation effortlessly. Take this lightweight SLR and mirror less digital camera tripod anywhere. The quick launch plate stays linked to your camera so that you can interchange without difficulty. Hold on tight with the 1/4”-20 well-known tripod mount and 3/eight” adapter. 4. MADE TO ultimate. Made from long lasting Japanese medical-grade ABS plastic, chrome steel, and German TPE, it’s made for the wear and tear of everyday existence or the rigor of journey. Pair it together with your mirror less camera or SLR to capture the worthy moments of existence.

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